Monday, February 22, 2010

Special student

Our special person of the week was born in July. She lives in a black and white house. She has four dogs! Her favorite color is pink because she thinks it is pretty. Her favorite subject is math because she likes it. She likes to watch Tom and Jerry. She likes Scooby Doo books. Her favorite thing to eat is macaroni. She likes playing with her sister. When she grows up she wants to be a cop. She thinks it would be a fun job. She would like to visit Georgia. She feels special because her family loves her.

Valentine's Day

We had so much fun during our Valentine party. We opened our cards and ate yummy treats. We guessed how many candy hearts were in the container. A special girl in our guessed the closest, so she got to take the whole container of hearts home. We played pass the cup. We had to pass the cup using straws. It was very hard to do! We played musical heart too.